Caring for Your Art

Your new artwork purchase will be a treasured heirloom for generations, especially if you observe a few simple methods for caring for your art:

All paintings, whether oil, acrylic, watercolor and all prints will fade in sunlight. The best way to preserve the freshness of the colors is to display the artwork on a wall that does not receive sunlight, or harsh light of any kind.

2.) Keep the art CLEAN with a soft lint-free cloth only. When dusting the painting, use the softest lint-free cloth or very soft (sable-style) brush to flick away the dust.

3. NEVER GET THE PAINTING WET. All my paintings are protected with one coat of semi-gloss varnish which helps to protect the artwork from moisture, but repeated wiping with water, or especially any solvent will dissolve the varnish over time, especially with repeated, hard rubbing. So, to be safe, just use a dry lint-free cloth to wipe it down.

4. IF MOVING, WRAP THE PAINTING IN FOAM AND CARDBOARD. Use thick mover's foam to transport the painting, and especially cover the front of the painting with cardboard and foam so as not to scratch or dent the artwork. BE CAREFUL OF THE CORNERS of the frame or gallery-wrapped canvas or panel, since this is the area most likely to be damaged.

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