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Now that we spend more time than ever in our personal spaces, we begin to know "home" as more than simply a place to lay our head at night, to absentmindedly munch on potato chips, or Netflix and chill.

For some of us, the change has been overwhelming. But take heart, the way to make your space as special as you are, is to find those specific objects that add a bit of personality, joy, mystery, or mysticism to your rooms. For those of you interested in creating a beautiful and inviting environment, here are some ideas to make the at-home experience more pleasant and engaging.

Limited Edition Prints
Readily accessible and affordable, prints can dress up your home, even if you're on a budget. And hand crafted prints like lithograph, silk screen and intaglio add a graphic punch to any room. For more complex, colorful images, the appeal of today's digital prints satisfies. Today's giclee prints (a French word for spraying real paint or ink onto a surface) offer near-original reproduction of faithful colors, with realistic paint strokes.

By definition, limited edition prints are unique when hand signed and numbered by the artist. And there are opportunities for the original artist to embellish the surface with added textures and colors. Prints may be "remarqued", the practice whereby the artist adds an original drawing or painting overlaid on the work or in the margin, to give the print even more uniqueness.

Original Paintings
Many collectors relish the hunt for art that speaks to them, that inspires them. Research shows that the number one reason buy a work of art is because they "fell in love" with the art. And now that online art sales is a thing, an online website becomes a viable "gallery" for your consideration of art.

Commissioned Art
The ultimate in opportunities for personalization, for being a part of the creative process, many of those who commission art are surprised at the affordability and the willingness of artists to collaborate with a collector who wants to realize their own vision of a work of art. I have created room-sized murals, living room decorative paintings, and small exotic works of art, on demand for clients who really want something that speaks to them and fits their lifestyle perfectly! As long as the intended artwork is similar to the styles I am working in, we probably can make it work.

You can be sure to find available Aaron Bowles artworks at a variety of sizes and prices-- please rely on us to recommend the most fitting options for any space, personality, or decor.

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Limited Edition Prints

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